Ormax Online Research Program

a. What is the Ormax Online Research Program?
Ormax Online is an online research program by Ormax Media to conduct online surveys on varied subjects.

b. How do I become a part of the Ormax Online Research Program?
To become a part of this program, you need to register through a simple, zero-cost process by visiting "here".

c. What happens after I register?
Shortly after successful registration in the Ormax Online program, you will start receiving online surveys on your registered email ID. All you have to do is complete the surveys to earn rewards.

d. How will I benefit?
For every survey you complete successfully, you will win rewards points, which can be used to redeem various vouchers. Visit the Rewards section to see how it works.

Membership Queries

a. Is membership free of cost?

b. Am I obligated for any service towards Ormax Media once I become a member of the panel?
No. It is entirely your choice to be a part of the surveys you are invited to participate in. All you need to do is abide by the company terms while being a panelist.

c. What is the validity of my membership?
Lifetime. You should stay active and dormancy for more than a period of six months can lead to disqualification.

d. Is there any age or any other limitation for me to become a panelist?
You should be at least 15 years old to be a part of our panel. You should be a resident of India.

e. How can I terminate my membership?
You can find "Leave Ormax Online Program" link in your account once you login.

f. How are questions about the durables I possess, relevant to the research?
We need to know educational qualification and durables you possess to classify every panelist into the relevant socio-economic group.

g. Will my personal information provided be safe?
The information provided by you is kept confidential. No one except Ormax media can access your personal information. Please read privacy policy for information on this.

Survey Queries

a. Where will I receive the surveys?
Surveys will be sent to you on your registered email ID. To make sure you receive all the surveys add "[email protected]" to the contacts of your email account.

b. How will I qualify to receive a survey?
Each survey comes with various criteria based on age, gender, etc. You will be invited to take part in the survey based on this information.

c. Why do I get terminated/disconnected from an active survey with messages like you do not qualify or you don’t fulfill the conditions to continue with the survey?
There are some surveys which require you to fulfill some criteria before proceeding with the survey, without which you cannot proceed. These criteria are valid only for that particular survey. You can always participate in all future surveys.


a. How will I earn rewards?
On successful completion of each survey, you will earn reward points. You can view reward points accumulated by you in your user account.

b. How many points can I earn for each successful survey completion?
Every survey gives you different reward points. Some may have more, some may have less.

c. How to use the rewards that I have earned?
All you have to do is request for the reward payout from your user account. You will be able to do this only after you have accumulated certain number of points. Read Reward System for more information.

d. How will I receive gifts/rewards?
Once you request payouts, you will be notified about it on your email. The payout process will take up to seven working days, and once the payout process is complete you will be notified about the same on your registered email ID.

e. What is the validity of earned rewards?
Reward points have got lifetime validity, but the voucher/ coupon you receive after requesting the reward payout has got limited validity. Terms and conditions of the company providing these vouchers/ coupons apply once you have received the payout.

f. Where should I contact if I face queries on redeeming, using the coupons that I have received?
The respective voucher/ coupon issuing agency/ company.

For any other questions, write to us at [email protected]