Terms and Conditions

The agreement is between Ormax Media & the panelists of the Ormax online research program. While registering yourself on the website, you must agree to the below mentioned terms & conditions.

ORMAX ONLINE is hosted in India. It is the official website of Ormax Media's Online Research program, with place of operation at Ormax Media Pvt. Ltd. Vasant, Jn. Of 9th & 10th Road, Khar (W), Mumbai 400052.

We ask questions to the panelists about their personal likings/ behaviors/ lifestyle or interests in order to have a clear panel categorization which consequently reflects in receiving the surveys according to their own preferences.

Registration to become a panel member is free of cost, and absolutely based on voluntary initiative to become a panelist. Surveys are sent to people based on their interest and preferences that are made and reveled at the time of registration. Anyone who wishes to be a part of the research program has to abide by the terms and conditions defined by Ormax media. Once registered you will be receiving invitations and notification emails of new surveys you are eligible to participate in.

Rewards are based on the length of surveys. The panelist will be notified about the points earned before he takes the survey. Points will be credited within 7 to 14 working days in the panelist's account on successful completion of the survey. Reward points are only credited on successful completion of surveys, subject to appropriateness and completeness of responses. Responses that are classified as inappropriate or incomplete are not credited with reward points. The reason could be junk response, repeat response across questions, illogical/non-serious response, one user using multiple accounts etc. The content of website, the surveys sent and conducted are entirely owned by Ormax Media. The company reserves the right to change the content & outlay of the website at any moment.

The membership is person specific. A person is not allowed to hold more than one account. In case of any conflict in identity of a member, the company is liable to disqualify the membership. The panel reserves the right to remove panelists from the panel database. If a panel member is removed, all his credit earned will be removed. Ormax Panel holds the right to deregister a member or wipe off the credits earned by him in a scenario where the member is found to have provided wrong or misleading information about him or her.

This program is for people who reside in India.

Inactivity of 6 months will lead to deletion of the account and all his credit earned.

All the rewards earned come with a validity of certain time period, beyond which the rewards cannot be availed and used.

Please check back as these terms are subject to change.